Friday Folk Programme

Apr  20th  no F.F. (Alcester Contra)
Apr  27th  no F.F. (Great Alne)
May  4th     Paul Lindley,
May 11th   Julian Stanley,
May 18th  no F.F. (Alcester Contra),
May 25th   Neil Franklin,
June  1stSELRES_43f90608-3cfc-4ef4-8352-c3ee4acebf15SELRES_a49f29e3-2e59-4ed3-beba-6a182229d80dSELRES_c260d636-a740-4d88-a34c-2a5d7a17963cSELRES_c260d636-a740-4d88-a34c-2a5d7a17963cSELRES_a49f29e3-2e59-4ed3-beba-6a182229d80dSELRES_43f90608-3cfc-4ef4-8352-c3ee4acebf     Jenny Prince
June   8th  no F.F. (Alcester Contra),
June 15th   Nicola Scott,
June 22nd   Liz Green,
June 29th   Frances Richardson,
July    6th   Roger Middleton,
July  13th   MPG (expect a mixture)
July  20th   Eve Evans (end of season party)
July  27th    Mark and Amy Burton,
Sept   7th    Start of new season Mandy Nayak,
Sept  14th  Bob Morgan,
Sept  21st   no F.F. (Alcester Contra),
Sept  28th   Bill & Barbara Kinsman,
Oct     5th    Paul Lindley,
Oct   12th  no F.F. (Alcester Contra),
Oct   19th   Nicola Scott,
Oct   26th   Brian Stanton,
Nov 2nd     Liz Green,
Nov 9th no F.F. (Alcester Contra),
Nov 16th    John Shakespeare
Nov 23rd   Eve Evans
Nov 30th   Dee Chapman
Dec   7th    Club Callers (anyone can have a go at calling)
Dec 14th    Frances Richardson,
Dec  21st   Roger Middleton End of season party
Dec  31st   New Years party,

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